Moving museums and setting up exhibitions

Our clients regularly call on our specialist team for:

  • Turnkey museum transfers
  • Transfers of museum departments or collections
  • Movements of reserves
  • Reorganisation of museums with redeployment of collections
  • Coordination of French and international exhibitions
Déménagement des tableaux de Notre-Dame de Paris après l'incendie par Bovis Fine Art
Manutention et transport de sculpture en marbre

For either a collection move or an international exhibition set-up it is always a delicate operation. At Bovis Fine Art, we keep in mind that every museum work is unique, often very fragile, sometimes old, and of inestimable value. Its handling requires expert care to avoid any risk of deterioration during transfer.

Our personnel is highly qualified, regularly trained and able to handle all types of works, whatever their size, from the finest to the most monumental, and whatever their degree of fragility.

We are able to provide rigorous and high-quality assistance according to perfectly organised logistics. Everything is meticulously planned according to your recommendations and our experience: visualisation of the sensitive pieces of the work, mode of packaging, with dedicated chock and crating in our own carpentry workshops, assessment of the mode of transport and associated formalities.

Our expertise and our experience of several decades allow us to ensure logistic coordination in France and abroad, by organising the road, air or sea transport as well as the storage of the works in our dedicated and secured warehouses.

Our collaboration with the most important institutions gives us recognised know-how and an added value in: