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Contribute to the success of our transport, handling, packaging and storage services for works of art, dedicated to the art world.

Working in direct contact with works of art is never completely the result of chance. You have to share the love of works to appreciate the care and attention given to them. Our specialized Fine Art companions are above all demanding enthusiasts dedicated to the management of art works and precious objects.

Mastering complex know-how, able to adapt to the particularities of each project and any type of constraint, our professionals are trained in all handling / transport techniques and packaging of works.

Bovis Fine Art - Carrières et formations

Our professions at the service of Fine Art

Métier de manutention dans le domaine du fine art

Fine Art handlers

Formation d'installateur d'expositions d'œuvres d'art

Specialized installers

Formation emballeurs œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art


Formation chauffeur VL Fine Art

LV drivers

Formation chauffeur PL Fine Art

Truck drivers

Formation chauffeur SPL Fine Art

Super truck drivers

Montage et installation de sculptures en pierre par Bovis Fine Art

Forklift operators

Formation nacelliste Fine Art

Aerial platform operators

Formation bardeurs Fine Art

Cladding operators

Installation Victoire de Samothrace au Louvres par Bovis Fine Art


Prise en charge des formalités de sécurisation de fret pour le transport d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

Packaging team leaders

Handling team leaders

Formation chef d'équipe montage d'expositions

Team leaders for setting up exhibitions

Formation contrema^tre montage d'expositions



Transporters, installers, packers of works of art … are professions that cannot be improvised.

Within the Bovis Fine Art department, our companions are trained throughout their working lives by their elders through an internal school and charter of excellence. We consider that a high level of expertise is achieved after 10 years of experience.

As such, our team leaders and foremen have an average of 20 years and 25 years of experience in the art handling field, respectively.

1. Our safety training

Formations logistique et sécurité par Bovis Fine Art

  • HGV/SPL driving licence with FIMO or FCOS
  • Forklift truck CACES – Aerial work platform
  • Crane arm CACES
  • Slingshot licence
  • First aid, fire
  • Aerial work platform permit

2. Our specific training courses

Formation portage d'œuvres d'art lourdes et fragiles par Bovis Fine Art

  • Portage
  • Handling and postures
  • Specific slingshot for difficult passages
  • Handling of delicate objects

3. Our specific training courses in Fine Arts

Formation manipulation gants blancs d'œuvres d'arts par Bovis Fine Art

  • Working at height
  • Wearing a harness
  • Erection of scaffolding
  • Packaging control: in-house training in all packaging methods

Our agencies in France and abroad

14 agencies in Europe and Dubai

Bovis Fine Art is well established throughout France and has international reach thanks to a network of branches optimally located throughout the country and abroad.

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14 agences de transport d'œuvres d'art Bovis Fine Art

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