Customised logistical support for private collections

Our know-how and our collaboration with many private individuals and collectors give us an added value in:

Stockage d'œuvres d'art sécurisés pour particuliers et collectionneurs par Bovis Fine Art

Whether we are transporting individual works or entire private collections, we never lose sight of the fact that each object is unique and priceless.

The handling of an art work is always a source of concern for the art lover. Our packing technicians, benders, handlers, cashiers and specialist drivers are aware of the importance of taking care of these valuable and fragile art works, which are often old and of great historical, asset and emotional value. Each of our employees is qualified and skilled in handling all types of art works, irrespective of their size and degree of fragility. They are continuously trained by their peers in the tradition of support.

We are able to provide rigorous and high-quality assistance, according to perfectly organised logistics. Everything is carefully planned according to your recommendations and our experience: from the visualisation of the sensitive pieces of the work, to the mode of packaging, the setting up of the crate and customised crating in our own carpentry workshop to the assessment of the mode of transport and associated formalities.

Our expertise and our experience of several decades allow us to ensure logistic coordination in France and abroad, by organising the road, air or sea transport as well as the storage of works in our dedicated and secure warehouses.