Stall of a medieval masterpiece in Paris

28 January 2021
Emballage caisserie et transport de chefs d'œuvres d'art de l'Islam par Bovis Fine Art


In January 2021, during the renovation of the Cluny Museum, our specialized fine art technicians ensured the unhooking of a major work of the museum: The famous hanging of La Dame à la Licorne

Work handling in “white gloves”

The hanging of La Dame à la Licorne joined the Cluny Museum reserves for a cleaning. Unhooking and moving this priceless work required respect, patience and skill.

Décrochage de la tapisserie La Dame à la Licorne par Bovis Fine Art

The six majestic large-format tapestries that make up the work were unhooked and handled with extreme delicacy by our Fine Art companions. A technical gesture that had to be irreproachable to protect as much as possible these tapestries of great historical value, fragile, and large.

The work was then carefully moved to storage by our specialized “work of art” handlers.

The operation of handling tapestries in detail

Nature of the service: Handling and moving to the reserves of the six large-format tapestries composing the hanging of La Dame à la Licorne

Constraints: Fine and careful unhooking of tapestries – progressive rolling, facing out, using rollers placed vertically, then laying on the ground and packing – Moving to the reserves

Resources: A scaffolding set up to ensure the unhooking of the works – packing of the tapestries using silk paper

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