Exceptional art installation at the Picardie Museum in Amiens

28 March 2023
Installation de tableaux de grand format au musée de Picardie à Amiens

Exceptional service at the Picardie Museum: installation of two large-scale paintings, masterpieces by Jean-Jacques Bachelier

Once again, Bovis Fine Art proudly presents an exceptional service at the prestigious Picardie Museum in Amiens. Our team had the honor of meticulously installing two eighteenth-century masterpieces, “African Lion Battled by Mastiffs” and “Polish Bear Halted by Strong Dogs,” by the renowned artist Jean-Jacques Bachelier.

On-site assessment: meticulous preparation by Bovis expert

The crucial first step in this mission was the on-site assessment conducted by one of our experienced technical-commercial specialists. This step allowed us to evaluate the specific conditions of the Picardie Museum and tailor a customized methodology to ensure the safe handling, transportation, and installation of these precious works of art.

Custom design: crates tailored to dimensions and sensitivity of artworks

To ensure maximum protection during transport, our specialized carpentry workshop carefully crafted two custom crates. These crates are designed with tyvek-clad foams, providing a protective barrier against impacts, temperature fluctuations, and humidity. Their design takes into account access limitations and ensures easy loading into our 19-ton truck with an interior height of 278 cm.

Deposition and reposition operations: a choreographed ballet of artworks

The crucial steps of deposition at the outbound, packaging, crating, transportation to Paris for a temporary exhibition, and the return with delivery, unpacking, and reinstallation were meticulously orchestrated by our team of experts. These delicate processes were executed with unparalleled precision, ensuring the preservation of the artworks’ integrity throughout the entire journey.

Perfect reinstallation: a qualified team and impressive scaffolding

One of the most delicate tasks was the reinstallation in the main hall of the Picardie Museum in Amiens. With the assistance of a 6-person team supervised by an experienced foreman and the use of scaffolding reaching nearly 13 meters in height, our experts rehung the artworks with the precision and respect they deserve.

At Bovis Fine Art, each service is a celebration of art, precision, and commitment to the preservation of artistic heritage. We take pride in contributing to the success of this temporary exhibition in Paris and remain dedicated to providing exceptional services in the transport and handling of artworks for cultural institutions worldwide.

Installation de tableaux de grand format au musée de Picardie à Amiens
Installation de tableaux de grand format au musée de Picardie à Amiens