Installation of temporary exhibition in Nîmes

7 April 2021
Montage d'exposition à Nîmes par Bovis Fine Art


From May 13 to September 19, 2021, the Museum of Roman Culture presents a large temporary exhibition dedicated to the imperial cult «The Roman Emperor, a mortal among the Gods».

No less than 148 works of any typology, from 14 foreign and national lenders, including the Louvre and the National Archaeological Museum, have been installed by our specialists Bovis Fine Art.

Handling of statues in the south of France

In preparation for the opening of the exhibition, our Fine Art experts have carefully and delicately installed works of a wide variety of natures. The installation included both the display of very small pieces (rings, coins) as well as the handling of small statues, the manipulation of extremely weighty sculptures or marble bas-relief.

Experts in setting up exhibitions in France and abroad, our teams have ensured the logistical organization, from the coordination of transport between lenders and borrowers, until the supervision of the arrival of the works at the exhibition site and the management of all the stages of hanging and dismantling of the works.

The operation of coordinating exhibitions and handling sculptures in detail

Nature of service: Administrative and logistical management of a major national exhibition – Complex handling and hanging of works of art

Constraints: Logistical organization of an exhibition gathering a large quantity of various works from 14 national and foreign lenders. Management of co-activity in a 600m² space inside the museum, in compliance with safety rules

Material resources put in place: A metal gantry was used for the installation of very heavy and bulky parts. The movement of the works inside the building was ensured by means of handling and lifting equipment, such as a stacker, a forklift …