Transport and installation of an exhibition in the South of France

11 June 2024
Manutention de mosaïques antiques à Nîmes

Transport and Installation of the “Achilles and the Trojan War” Exhibition at the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes

Bovis Fine Art recently had the honor of managing the transport and installation of the artworks presented in the exceptional exhibition “Achilles and the Trojan War” at the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes, Gard (30). This project demanded considerable expertise and precision.

A Tailored Service

Custom Crates and Specialized Packaging

To ensure the safety of the artworks throughout their transport, Bovis Fine Art designed and fabricated custom crates and specialized packaging for each piece. These bespoke protections were essential to preserve the integrity of the artworks, many of which are highly fragile.

For packing particularly delicate ancient Greek vases, Bovis Fine Art created custom fitted crates. These crates, made with high-quality materials and lined with tailored foam, perfectly contour the vases. This meticulous care in crate fabrication ensures optimal protection against shocks and vibrations, safeguarding the integrity of these precious pieces during transport and handling.

Packing and Transport

Bovis Fine Art teams meticulously packed the artworks directly at the lending museums. Each piece was carefully wrapped using suitable protective materials to prevent any potential damage during transport. The artworks were then transported in climate-controlled vehicles to the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes. All our art transport vehicles are fully climate-controlled and equipped with air suspension.

Transport d'oeuvres d'art à Nîmes

Unpacking and Installation

Upon arrival at the museum, our teams supervised the unpacking and installation of the artworks in the exhibition spaces. Each piece was handled with particular attention to ensure a secure and respectful setup. This step was particularly complex for the most delicate pieces, such as mosaics and sculptures, which required extremely careful handling.

Managing Couriers

Our national coordination team carefully organized the travel of couriers appointed by the lending museums. By supervising each step of their journey, we ensured that the artworks were transported under optimal safety conditions and in strict compliance with museum standards.

Effective Internal Collaboration

This project was made possible through close collaboration among several entities of the Bovis Group. The national Bovis Fine Art team handled the commercial management and overall coordination of the project, including the transport of loans from Paris. Local agencies, Bovis Fine Art Marseille, Bovis Fine Art Montpellier, and Bovis Fine Art Toulouse, provided the necessary human and logistical resources to transport the artworks from southern France and ensure their successful installation.

A Unique Exhibition

The “Achilles and the Trojan War” exhibition features remarkable works, some of which come from the reserves of the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes and are rarely shown to the public. There are also exceptional loans from other major French museums such as the Louvre, the National Library of France, and the Saint Raymond Museum in Toulouse.

Bovis Fine Art is proud to have participated in the realization of this beautiful exhibition, which showcases the rich ancient culture of southern France.

Fabrication de caisses écrins pour les vases antiques

Learn More About the Exhibition

The “Achilles and the Trojan War” exhibition at the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes offers a captivating dive into the world of the legendary hero from Greek mythology. The epic story of Achilles’ bravery and valor during the Trojan War, resonating through the ages, continues to inspire the collective imagination. Visitors are invited to journey back in time to the complex origins of the Trojan War and witness the events leading up to this legendary conflict.

The exhibition explores Achilles’ early years, his education, and the influences that shaped his character, as well as his central role in the Trojan War. Iconic figures, from Trojan heroes to Greek warriors, appear through stories of their interactions and legendary battles. This journey through time also provides insight into the continuous evolution of the Achilles myth across epochs.

The presentation features a varied selection of works, primarily from the museum’s reserves, including a mosaic over 30 square meters discovered in a wealthy home in the Jaurès neighborhood of Nîmes. Accessible to all and emphasizing imagination, the exhibition offers an immersive experience with a monumental digital fresco, following Achilles from his birth to his tragic death, at the heart of the grand myth of the Trojan War.

Discover the Mythological Narratives of this Exhibition

The “Achilles and the Trojan War” exhibition at the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes (30) immerses visitors in the myths and legends surrounding this epic war, while grounding them in verified historical facts. Zeus, determined to punish humanity and reduce the earth’s population, orchestrates with Themis the events that will trigger this legendary conflict. The epic tales transport visitors to a bygone era where gods, men, and heroes shared the same world.

The divine quarrel over the golden apple, offered “to the fairest” by Eris, marks the beginnings of the conflict. Zeus, refusing to choose between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, assigns Paris, the Trojan prince, the task of deciding. By choosing Aphrodite, who promises him Helen’s love, Paris sparks the hostilities by abducting her, despite her being already married to Menelaus, the king of Sparta.

Achilles, born from the union of Thetis and Peleus, is shaped by exceptional education under the tutelage of the centaur Chiron. Endowed with extraordinary physical and moral abilities, Achilles chooses ephemeral but eternal glory on the battlefield. The exhibition narrates his journey from his protected youth on the island of Skyros to his pivotal role in the Trojan War. Despite his mother’s efforts to hide him, Achilles is discovered by Odysseus and brought to participate in the conflict.

The war divides not only mortals but also the gods of Olympus, each taking sides and influencing events. Hera and Athena support the Greeks, while Aphrodite and Apollo side with the Trojans. Achilles’ bravery culminates in his killing of Hector, the Trojan hero, and his own tragic fate, being killed by an arrow guided by Apollo. The exhibition highlights the complexity of divine and human relationships, illustrating the grandeur and weaknesses of ancient heroes, offering a complete immersion into the fascinating world of the Trojan War.