Bovis FinetArt

Bovis Fine Art introduction

Some information about BOVIS Fine Art on various dates and some outstanding services:

1977: The Bovis Transports Company was founded by Marcel Bovis in Sainte Geneviève des Bois (91)

1989: Pascal BOVIS took the lead of the company founded by his father

1989-1994: Work on the Grand Louvre during which the Bovis Transports Company stands in particular by transferring the famous Khorsabad Bulls, as well as many carved relief pertaining to the Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology departments.

1998: Transportation of the Colossus of the Lighthouse of Alexandria from Egypt to France. Creation of a metalwork system specially designed to allow its public exhibition in a vertical position.

2002: Transfer of Bernini’s Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV in the Orangerie of the Palace of Versailles

2005: Transfer of the Coronelli Globes, from Science City [Cité des Sciences] to the Grand Palais for the Sleepless Nights (Nuits Blanches) exhibition, then transportation from the Grand Palais to the French National Library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France François Mitterrand), where they are now being shown to the public.

2002-2007: Complete reorganization of the French Monument Museum, Musée des Monuments Français, which is now the Architecture City [Cité de l’Architecture].

Transport d'oeuvres d'art

2009: Transfer of the reserves of the Museum of Mankind [Musée de l’Homme].

2009-2013: Transportation of many important temporary exhibitionsRichelieu à Richelieu and Tours 1500  in Tours,  Roulez Carrosses in Arras, European Caravaggism [Le Caravagisme Européen] in Toulouse, French Window in Tokyo, etc. 


2008: Artist Richard SERRA, together with Philippe BARDEL, business representative of the Bovis Fine Art Ile de France Unit, in front of the work of art Clara Clara installed in the Tuileries Gardens [Jardins des Tuileries] in Paris