Anoxia and conservation of works

An art work is a valuable object, often fragile and subject to the risk of infestation. To ensure optimal conservation of your art works, several actions can be taken.

Servie d'anoxie pour la protection des œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art
Contrôle des oeuvres d'art avant emballage et après déballage par Bovis Fine Art


Anoxic treatment destroys all woodworms that can invade the art works during storage.

Through complete disinsectisation consisting in removing the oxygen from the atmosphere surrounding the art works for a period of 21 days, at a temperature of 22°C, and replacing it by nitrogen, anoxia ensures a perfect conservation of the treated objects and works.

The procedure consists of isolating the work from the environment by creating an individual envelope for the object, which is heat-sealable and not very permeable to oxygen, or by constructing a completely hermetic chamber in which to place the infested objects. Several oxygen-absorbing bags are then inserted into this envelope, taking care to avoid contact with the object to be treated. The number of bags is determined by the volume of the envelope.

The process is applicable to any type of art work, irrespective of the size and quantity of the material, and to any type of environment.

It does not participate in any chemical reaction and has no harmful side effects.

100% ecological, it contributes to the protection of the environment

This work requires specialist know-how and equipment and must therefore be carried out by competent companies. We use external experts recognised by our network of partners.

Traitement de fumigation par Bovis Fine Art


This process is a means of controlling insects in a closed environment by injecting an insecticide gas, irrespective of the stage of evolution, and offers a guarantee of elimination by reaching the “zero point” of any infestation.

Fumigation must be carried out by competent personnel trained in these techniques.

Our Fine Arts technicians are qualified to carry out the conservation of art works by fumigation and will suggest the most suitable treatment method for your needs: covered, uncovered, in a container or in a room.

Fourgon frigorifique dédié aux transport d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art


As a non-chemical alternative, freezing is also an innovative treatment method against all wood and textile pests.

We have air-conditioned vehicles at negative temperature allowing us to disinfect infested objects and (organic) works. Covered with a layer of polyane film so that water drops and condensation do not alter the works, the negative cold treatment is applied over several days depending on the temperature and the type of work.