The Bovis Fine Art services
All services related to the transport of art works, from the most fragile to the most monumental.

Transport et prise en charge internationale d'oeuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

There is a vast and complex supply chain that must be managed by professionals with expertise and knowledge of this environment.

We handle on average 50,000 art movements per year, from the smallest and most fragile to the most monumental – as was the case during the titanic move of the Louvre’s reserves to their new building in Liévin (62) in 2020.

We can offer all players of the art world 40 years of experience in the transfer of works, with more than 200 exhibitions per year in France and abroad to our credit.

Our services are aimed at both national & international museums and also gallery owners, private individuals and collectors, curators, conservationists or artists.

Transport et installation de statue monumentale par Bovis Fine Art

Artwork handling

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Whether they are fine and elaborate objects, paintings, old or more recent sculptures, monumental art works…, we always make sure to handle these often very fragile works with the greatest possible delicacy and care.

Emballage d'œuvres d'art et objets fragiles par Bovis Fine Art


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Our goal: respect for the works and preservation of their condition.
Our employees are deployed and rigorously trained to take every step necessary to handle the pieces entrusted to them.
In this perspective, BOVIS FINE ART undertakes to provide training on art objects in an internal academy of the company, specialising in the transport of art objects and taken by all its employees.

Transport et transferts d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

Transport of works of art in France and abroad

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Transfer and relocation of collections, museums and libraries, reorganisation of reserves – we have been handling large-scale transfers for many years with the support and expertise of our project management unit (OPC phase).

We have efficient and well adapted material resources with a fleet of about a hundred new, equipped and secured vehicles, parking areas and warehouses specifically for the conservation of art works.

Installation Victoire de Samothrace au Louvres par Bovis Fine Art

Monumental works

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The handling of monumental works is part of Bovis Fine Art’s history.

Since moving the Bulls of Khorsabad in 1989 for the construction of the Grand Louvre, Bovis Fine Art has developed a unique set of skills. Over the years, we have collaborated with the greatest museums in France for the transfer of a large number of sculptures, bas-reliefs, columns and large sarcophagi, monumental and emblematic works, such as the transfer of The Victory of Samothrace to the Louvre during its restoration in 2015.

We have the necessary know-how for handling all types of large structures.

Accrochage exposition Claude Monet par Bovis Fine Art

Set-up and installation of exhibitions

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Le montage et l’installation d’expositions rassemblent toute une gamme de prestations sur mesure, de la manutention au portage, de l’installation à l’accrochage et au décrochage jusqu’à la coordination d’évènements parfois de grande envergure rayonnant au niveau international.

Grâce à l’existence de nos nombreux corps de métiers, nous possédons une maîtrise technique et logistique globale. C’est pourquoi le montage et l’installation d’expositions sont les composantes essentielles de l’ADN de Bovis Fine Art.

Forts de notre expérience très variée dans le montage d’expositions, nous savons répondre à toutes les demandes, et ceci aussi bien pour manipuler des œuvres fines et de petite taille que pour installer des œuvres lourdes et monumentales.

Logistique transfert de collection d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

Movement and transfer of collections

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Transfer of collections on a turnkey basis, museum relocation, reorganisation of reserves – we have been identified for many years as partners of choice for French or international museums, private institutions or even collectors for any large-scale transfer project in France and abroad.

Déménagement premium et haut de gamme par Bovis Fine Art

High standing removals

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Are you a private individual looking for a quality service for your high-end removal? Do you want your valuables and art works, whether they are precious or fragile objects (crockery, glassware), statues or paintings, antique or stylish furniture, to be treated according to your instructions?

With Bovis Fine Art, you will be choosing prestigious and high-quality professional moving services.


Logistique et transport de collection de peinture par Bovis Fine Art


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With constantly growing “works of art” storage areas, Bovis Fine Art provides museums, collectors, individuals, gallery owners and artists with 17,000 m2 of private or collective spaces ideally distributed throughout the national territory.

Our added value also lies in our significant storage capacity within our 14 Fine Art agencies in France.