Dedicated crates
for every type
of art work

Every job is unique. That’s why, in our integrated carpentry workshops, each crate is designed specifically according to the specifics of the project.

Our specialist “art works” crating services recommend the type of crate depending on the work itself, the mode of transport, the distance to be travelled and the weather conditions expected during the journey, which can sometimes be extreme.

The design of our crate is also in line with a sustainable development approach, the fight against waste and budget control:

  • Use of the highest-quality and certified wood, guaranteeing a verified chain of custody.
  • Compliance with ISPM 15 phytosanitary standards and presence of the IPPC seal.
  • Waste management, dismantling the crate (metal, wood and foam handles) for sorting and recycling.
Caisserie sur mesure pour emballage de statues et d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

Our types of crates

Atelier de caisserie sur mesure pour les œuvres d'art chez Bovis Fine Art

The works are perfectly protected thanks to the availability of absolutely all types of crates:

• Standard crates (museum or gallery quality crates)
• Crates and trunks
• Cuvette crates
• Trunks or double crates
• Crates with compartments
• Sliding crates
• Crates for valuables
• Reinforced crates for valuables
• Tray crates
• Reinforced tray crates
• Cushioned crates or crates for valuables
• Clairevoie crates: with simple shelves (guillotines) or reinforced shelves (closed shelves), standing and lying
• Sculpture crates with simple (guillotine) or reinforced shelves (closed shelves)
• Sculpture crates with crossbar without foam
• MRT crates
• Tapestry crates
• Pallets
• Customised crates: we make small custom-made crates for art objects, in which the foam is cut out to make it fit exactly to the work.

Our reusable crates

Caisserie réutilisable pour l'emballage d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

The use of reusable crates is particularly recommended when collecting temporary exhibitions and when transferring works. This system has 3 advantages:

  • The art works are perfectly protected by these very strong and isothermal crates.
  • The budget allocated to the crates falls because they are not made to order.
  • The use of reusable crates is part of an eco-responsible approach to environmental protection, as they avoid heavy consumption of wood.

Protection of monumental works

Protection sur mesure de la galère royale du Musée de la marine par Bovis Fine Art

Metal-Crate is an exclusive patent developed by our carpentry workshops. It is a type of steel cage and brace designed for monumental art works, which ensures the protection of sculptures, statues, galleons or any other art work of exceptional size.

On-site remote woodworking workshop offers

Réalisation de caisses sur site pour l'emballage d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

In order to meet all types of constraints, we have been proposing for several years to set up carpentry workshops directly at our clients’ sites

  • Protection of non-transportable works
  • Protection of premises, chandeliers…