Our «white gloves» expertise in hanging

With 50,000 movements of art works per year and some 200 exhibitions, Bovis Fine Art has acquired unquestionable expertise in art installation over the past 40 years.

The hanging of art works concerns mostly paintings, pictures of all sizes, even monumental ones, as well as tapestries. It is always done with white gloves to preserve the work.

This is a delicate phase that our teams know how to manage perfectly, being attentive to the respect and conservation of the art works, as well as to the satisfaction of our clients.

This stage is always performed in perfect respect of the scenography and under the control of the curator.

Accrochage Claude Monet par Bovis Fine Art
Manipulation et accrochage gants blancs d'un tableau de maître par Bovis Fine Art

Hanging: highlighting your works

Conscious of the value of the works entrusted to them, our teams scrupulously follow the hanging instructions:

  • Study of the work to be hung (its weight, dimensions, state of conservation, materials used, etc.) and of the environment.
  • Identification of hanging systems (we have a large stock of hangers for all types of installations).
  • Depending on the weight and size of the work, use of ladders on both sides of the work for large format paintings.
  • Use of scaffolding up to the top of the picture rail if the size of the picture requires it.
  • “White glove” handling to respect the integrity of the picture.
  • Fine and delicate treatment.