Our solutions for air transport of art works

With our knowledge of airports and airlines, special accreditations, cargo security clearances and no less than 40 years of expertise in managing administrative procedures, we have the skills to ensure the safety of your art works during their air transport on all continents.

Transport par avion d'œuvres d'art monde entier par Bovis Fine Art
Prise en charge sécurisée lors d'envoi aérien d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

The expertise of our teams in the fields of freight

For international shipments, our teams of dedicated supervisors and security managers are on hand to monitor palletising/de-palletising, loading and unloading on planes and trucks on departure and arrival.

Our mission comprises booking the freight, securing the freight, handling customs formalities, supervising and assisting the carrier, and coordinating and tracking the shipment to the destination institutions.

In addition to the security of the freight, which is fully taken care of by our services, we also use our network of partners.

Our accreditations, guaranteeing the safety of the works during air transport

  • Permanent office at Roissy CDG, presence of liaison vehicles.
  • IATA Freight Agent approval (allowing the issue of Air Waybills and the control of shipments online).
  • Approval as a customs agent to carry out all customs operations at the airport, including the issue of customs transit for any destination.
  • Passes (airport badges) allowing us access to all areas of the airport for airport supervision services (arrivals or departures).
  • Approval as a “known shipper” for the securing of freight, issued by the DGAC: this approval allows us to secure the crates by our own means, to hand over the secured goods to the airline (essential for air shipments) and to save time for delivery at the airport.
Prise en charge des formalités administratives par Bovis Fine Art pour le transport international d'œuvres d'art

Administrative procedures

Air safety is a very sensitive issue given the strict regulations. The assistance of experienced professionals for your administrative procedures during air transport is essential. Our services take care of:

  • Securing freight and customs formalities (temporary or permanent).
  • Booking freight with airlines (it is essential to know precisely the size and especially the height of the crates you wish to transport before booking freight, in order to choose the plane that has the required capacity).
  • Delivery methods and airport supervision (carrier assistance).
  • Organisation of itineraries and supervision during stopovers.
Assistance transfert international d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

The choice of the best air transport conditions

We are able to help you determine:

  • Which flight itinerary to choose, taking into account the stopovers and their risks?
  • What are the flight times and what arrangements do I need to make to ensure the safety of the works in bond in the event of a flight delay?
  • How long does it take to deliver the freight? Depending on the airline and airport, you may be required to deliver the freight up to 24 hours in advance. As a “known shipper”, BOVIS FINE ART has a more advantageous and appropriate time frame for delivery and handover of freight at the airport.
  • How long does it take to deliver my freight on arrival? Our partnership with the RAS supervision team allows us to collect your crates within two hours from Roissy Airport, as airlines do not usually commit to making your freight available within 24 hours.
  • Does my load meet the carry-on baggage requirements?
  • Is the carrier allowed on my freight flight, and is the number of seats limited?
  • What is the price (freight rate), and how can I optimise my transport price (what type of invoicing does the company use, and what solutions are proposed to optimise the rate)?
Prise en charge des formalités de sécurisation de fret pour le transport d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

Ensuring air freight security

Bovis Fine Art has “known shipper” approval which allows us to secure the freight before delivery to the airline. Our teams are thus authorised to work on any type of freight and to secure it themselves: strict procedures for checking the contents of the crates at the time of packing before delivery to the airport. This authorisation also saves time when the freight is handed over to the airline, as security has already been carried out and is no longer the responsibility of the airline.