Our added value: large storage capacities adapted to museums, individuals and collectors

Logistique et transport de collection de peinture par Bovis Fine Art

Whether it is for a short or long period, whether you are a museum or a private individual, we offer you optimal conditions of custody, confidentiality, security and conservation of your art works.

With our 17,000 m2 of storage space for art works and 200,000 m2 of Bovis Group warehouses across Europe, our offering can be considered as one of the leaders on the national territory.

Bovis Fine Art engagé pour la sauvegarde des œuvres d'art de Notre-Dame de Paris après l'incendie

Bovis Fine Art committed to safeguarding the works of Notre-Dame of Paris

On the night of April 15 to 16, 2019, a fire ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. As experts in the transfer of very large format works of art, Bovis Fine Art is entrusted with the management and safekeeping of the works in its dedicated warehouses specially made available. A large-scale of logistic solutions are implemented in record time by Bovis Fine Art teams given the urgency of the necessary interventions.

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Storage solutions for museums

Museums regularly need to put their collections in reserve or to store art works on a relatively temporary basis. The protection and security of these priceless objects require the implementation of perfectly mastered conservation and confidentiality procedures.

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Storage solutions for individuals

Do you own one or more rare art works, pieces inherited from your parents and which, in fact, have great sentimental and financial value? Do you need temporary or long-term storage space to preserve and protect these valuable possessions? We offer you a storage space totally dedicated to art works.

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Fully secure warehouses throughout France and Europe

For each object entrusted, unique and of great historical and heritage value, our warehouses meet all the conditions to receive them, protect them, and preserve them in an ideal way.

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