Our solutions for the international transport of art works

Whether you are a museum, a collector, an artist, a private individual or a gallery, you may have to send one or more works abroad.

At Bovis Fine Art, we understand the challenges of shipping art internationally. Shipping art across international borders requires a thorough understanding of logistics, art export regulations and related formalities.

Our logistic platform is alert to your needs and will support you in a personalised way throughout the dispatch.

We pay the utmost attention to the security and integrity of your most valuable assets and guarantee the utmost confidentiality about missions entrusted to us. Our expertise guarantees that the work will be carried out within the deadlines set by your instructions.

Transport international d'œuvres d'art dans le monde entier par Bovis Fine Art
Logistique et transports internationaux d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

International partnerships and mechanisms

In order to be able to serve our clients internationally and to meet the demands of foreign countries and all continents, Bovis Fine Art has established partnerships with the ICEFAT and ARTIM networks, as well as with all the professionals involved in the packaging and transport of art works.

NB: In France, the Bovis Group has created a network of 34 local branches covering the entire country.

No customs problems with our crates during the inspection at the border : compliance with ISPM 15 phytosanitary standards and presence of the IPPC seal.

Transport du Canot de l'Empereur par Bovis Fine Art

International transport requires skills in several areas

We ensure the safety of the transported works, from removal to return.

First-hand materials and techniques:

  • We have a new fleet of about 100 professional vehicles and a lot of new technology lifting equipment: stackers, gantries, etc.
  • We are distinctive for a wide range of equipment that is unique on the market: tilting tables for processing large formats, custom-made Layher lathes, etc.
  • Our technical personnel are specialised and trained in handling precious, fragile and delicate objects.

Tailor-made logistics:

  • Secure parking in our warehouses in France and Spain for overnight stops of trucks and their drivers.
  • 11 Alarmed and guarded warehouses, equipped with temperature-controlled vaults with controlled access.
  • Armoured vehicles linked by satellite.
  • Equipment of trucks with full air suspension.
  • Temperature control in vehicles.
  • An online service for monitoring operations allowing fluid, constant and rapid communication between the companies of the group and our partners. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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