Our solutions for
road transport of art works

We have a fleet of more than a hundred vehicles constantly renewed, which is dedicated to the Fine Arts, and adapted to all types of transport and the trickiest access routes.

Depending on the needs of your project, we can offer you group transport, dedicated transport or even a special convoy.

Transport d'œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art
Flotte de camions Bovis Fine Art dédiés au transport d'œuvres d'art

Our commitment to quality in road transport

For the safety of the art works, the transport must be as short as possible. In order to respect this basic principle, we do our utmost to optimise each step of the transport:

  • Strict adherence to pick-up and delivery schedules imposed by lenders or borrowers, punctuality in delivery to the cargo bay in the event of air transport.
  • Organisation to optimise packing, unpacking, handling or loading and unloading time.
  • Anticipation of traffic and parking rules for deliveries in built-up areas.
  • Anticipation of the driving time and breaks of the drivers in compliance with the highway code.
Flotte camions Bovis Fine Art dédiés au transport d'œuvres d'art

Our Bovis Fine Art dedicated fleet

Our vehicles are specially designed to transport all types of art works with maximum safety, irrespective of their age, size, weight or degree of fragility.

We have more than 100 vehicles at your disposal, ranging from 3t5/20 m3 VL to 38t/90 m3 semi-trailers, or even very large trucks in the form of the Titan (Europe’s largest trailer) and the Megamax.

All are air-conditioned to ensure good conservation of the works, they are also padded and equipped with pneumatic suspensions and a real-time geolocation system. Depending on the specific needs of the work, we use temperature-controlled vans, armoured vans, semi-trailers or flatbed trucks equipped with crane arms. If necessary, our trucks can be equipped with a tail lift or other equipment on request.

Our vehicles are environmentally friendly and meet at least the Euro 5 and 6 standards.

Transport de la sculpture monumentale "Le Carrosse" de Xavier Veilhan par Bovis Fine Art

Road transport of monumental works

Our Titan semi-trailer, the largest in Europe with its interior dimensions of almost 4 m in height and 8 m in length, is the complete and exclusive solution for transporting large-format art works in their natural position.

With our Megamax, a 5-axle low loader, electronically expandable in width and height, we have the capacity to transport your largest jobs.

We provide such transport in exceptional convoys of all categories.