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Bovis Fine Art
Specialist in the transport of art works and valuable objects in France and abroad

For more than 40 years, Bovis Fine Art has been the partner of art professionals for the transport, handling, packaging and storage of their works.

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Dedicated companions for the management of your valuable works and objects



Every work of art is unique, irreplaceable… invaluable… Each deserves special care and all handling requires specific attention, experience and skills.

That is why our personnel is highly qualified, competent, regularly trained and experienced. The average experience of our teams is twelve years, with some employees having worked in the department for over thirty years.

Our material and logistical resources are modern and constantly renewed, thus ensuring optimal quality and safety when moving your works.

With our proximity to our clients, we support every project with the same enthusiasm and the same rigour. Receptivity, closeness and companionship are fundamental values for us so as to guarantee your peace of mind and satisfaction throughout your project.

Our internationally recognised reputation in the world of art logistics allows us to work with all art lovers, from the world’s greatest museums to passionate collectors, gallery owners and auction houses.

The Bovis Fine Art unit in France

15 m2


2,000m2 added in 2021


“art works” branches


packers, drivers
and specialist installers



30 air-conditioned and secured “art works” trucks from 15 to 90 m3
Super-size vehicles: the TITAN and the Megamax


Our services in
customised transport

Whether it’s transporting monumental art works or handling the finest and most delicate pieces, our solutions are always customised.

We transport your works across the world and support you throughout your project in a coordinated and carefully planned manner.

Our business fields

Levage et transport d'une sculpture monumentale par Bovis Fine Art

As specialists in the transport of art works in France and abroad, we offer our expertise to all players in the art world, whether you are a museum, a private foundation, a collector, a gallery owner, an auction house or an artist.

  • Collectors

    Prise en charge logistique sur mesure de collections privées.

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Our ancillary services

controle œuvres d'art par Bovis Fine Art

We support you in all the stages of your project of transporting art works in France and abroad. We manage all administrative procedures linked to the shipment of your art works anywhere in the world.

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Our latest

Our fleet
of vehicles

Super poids lourd pour transport d'œuvres d'art Bovis Fine Art

The Bovis Group has 520 vehicles for every type of project and the transport capacity you need.


From vans to semi-trailers dedicated to the transport of monumental art works, nearly 100 new vehicles, totally dedicated to fine arts and equipped (with air conditioning, GPS, air suspension, tail lift, etc.) to transport your works in complete safety).

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Our agencies in France and abroad

14 agences de transport d'œuvres d'art Bovis Fine Art

14 agencies in Europe and Dubai

Bovis Fine Art is well established throughout France and has international reach thanks to a network of branches optimally located throughout the country and abroad.

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For more than
40 years…


Conception de structures métalliques pour le transport de sculptures monumentales par Bovis Fine Art

Our origins

Bovis Transport was in at the start of Bovis Fine Art. The company, created by Maurice Bovis in 1977, rapidly specialised in the handling of fragile, bulky and valuable objects. Very soon, the company developed a philosophy based on excellence: every order is a special case and the company strives to provide answers and fully personalised solutions.

Our development

The history of Bovis Fine Art began in 1989, when Pascal Bovis, Maurice’s son, took over the company.
At 29, this young boss, with his master’s in anthropology, was passionate about art and the history of civilizations. Thanks to him, the company grew, specialising and establishing the best possible contacts with the most important museums in France and the main players in the art market.

A challenge

It was under his impetus that the company was propelled into the field of art works:
In 1989, when Bovis Fine Art was entrusted with the transfer of the Bulls of Khorsabad as well as numerous reliefs from the departments devoted to Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology (works on the Grand Louvre lasting until 1994), Pascal Bovis decided to take up the challenge and succeeded in transporting these extremely delicate and yet bulky works, which required flawless technical skills.

Bovis Fine Art, men and women at the service of art professionals in France and around the world.

Continuous quality improvement actions

The Bovis group is constantly working to improve quality and safety with highly qualified personnel and modern and constantly renewed material and logistical resources.
In the context of its commitment to quality, the group is also ISO certified, as well as “air cargo security” certified.

Certificat d'agrément en sureté de la société Bovis Fine Art


The QSE policy
of the company

Aware of the importance of environmental issues for future generations, the Bovis Group is pursuing a committed environmental and social policy that is reflected in all its activities on a day-to-day basis.


The Bovis Group strives to reduce its own waste and can take over responsibility for the treatment of its clients’ waste on the following principles:

Making optimal use of generic products

Fully recyclable paper packaging, 90% recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable wood-plastic packaging.

Reducing waste at source

Equipment for movement and transfers over long distances that make it possible to reduce waste flows at source

→ Reusable crates, wire cages, Isorels, plastic crocodile boxes)

Reducing the ecological footprint of waste

Selective sorting system in place in all branches

→ Wood, cardboard, paper, WEEE, scrap metal, special waste, making it possible to optimise the process and reduce management and treatment costs.


The Bovis Group’s CO2 impact comes mainly from the kilometres we drive in the service of our clients. We are constantly investing to improve our fleet and its energy performance.

Euro 6+ engine for heavy duty vehicles

Electric motor for forklift trucks and mini-cranes

Constant evolution of the electric vehicle fleet


We are committed to promoting diversity within the Group, fostering well-being in the workplace and promoting occupational equality between women and men.


They commend the quality of our services

  • « Both for the move in June 2020 and for this last intervention, I am fully satisfied with the services provided for us by BOVIS. »

    Philippe Bernouis – Department of Culture
    Heritage conservation attaché
    Set up of the collections, Molay-Littry Mine Museum (Calvados), 2021

  • « With this message I would like to reiterate the pleasure and satisfaction I have had in working with all of the Bovis teams, since the completion of the estimate, the coordination as well as with all the teams in the field. »

    Aude Chaufourier – Centre Pompidou
    Exhibition manager
    Set-up and dismantling of exhibitions,  Martin Barré / Christo et Jeanne Claude, 2020

  • « The installation of the Gudea went very well. Congratulations to your very professional and friendly team. »

    Jorge Vasquez – Louvre Museum
    Head of the works management service
    Department of Oriental Antiquities
    Exhibition set-up,Gudea, 2020

  • « I wanted to thank the team for being very patient, calm, attentive and professional. It was a real pleasure to work with them! The other site managers have also pointed this out. »

    BOLTANSKI exhibition
    Marie-Colleen Payen – Centre Pompidou
    Exhibition set-up
    , Boltanski, 2019

  • « Once the assessment had been made, all the specimens were moved in good conditions despite some recurring constraints (space, weight, time, etc.). »

    Olivier Boilly – Natural History Museum of Lille
    Entomologist and manager
    Exhibition set-up, 2019

  • « I am extremely satisfied with the work that has been done. I would particularly like to point out their professionalism, their rigour, their availability & punctuality which contributed to the smooth running of these rigging operations in a serene and pleasant working mood. »

    Amélie Matray – Cité of Architecture & Heritage
    Works manager
    Exhibition Production Department
    Handling of works, All at the beach, 2016

  • « The works management department would like to warmly thank you and all the teams that have come to Versailles for all the help you gave us during this very busy month of April. »

    Morgane Bertho – Director of the National Museum of Versailles and Trianon, Chateau de Versailles
    Works management
    Services in the context of the contract for management operations, 2018

  • « […] their mission was accomplished with a great deal of dedication and seriousness. »

    Annette Wroblewski – Château de Vincennes
    Assistant to the division manager of the cultural and educational action division
    Defense historical service
    Exhibition set-up, Peter the Great, a Tsar in France, 1717, Château de Versailles, 2017