Return of the Canoe of the Emperor Napoleon I to the Ateliers des Capucins in Brest

11 February 2020
Transport du canot de l'Empereur à Brest par Bovis Fine Art


Installation of the famous imperial canoe on its final base

A major piece in the collections of the National Maritime Museum, the Emperor’s Canoe underwent a vast restoration operation at the Ateliers des Capucins in Brest before being presented to the public.

It is with pride that we have contributed to the installation of the prestigious boat which is now on display to the public.

Handling of monumental works

The Imperial Canoe, 19.04 meters long, 3.70 meters wide, 6 meters high, and weighing 6 tons, was installed on its final base.

He recovered the light after spending sixteen months in a protective metal box in orderto preserve it from light and allow its acclimatization.

It was a complete success for our six Fine Art handlers specializing in monumental works, mobilized for a month to carry out this delicate and precise operation.

The monumental work handling operation in detail

• Removal of two protective tarpaulins and the plywood structure around the Canoe

• Move of the metal box protecting the Canoe by using hydraulic cylinders under the chassis and a forklift

• Installation and reinforcement of the future Canoe base

• Partial dismantling of the metal structure

• Using two cranes arms placed on either side of the base to allow simultaneous lifting of the boat and careful installation

• Dismantling of the chassis

The Emperor’s canoe, a major event in the history of Bovis Fine Art

The National Maritime Museum of Brest had already trusted us during the impressive transfer of the Canoe, carried out by our teams from Paris to Brest in October 2018.