Museum move-in: Bovis Fine Art transfers Musée Dobrée in Nantes

17 May 2024
Déménagement de sarcophage au musée Dobrée de Nantes

Bovis Fine Art expertly relocates and reinstalls Musée Dobrée’s collections in Nantes (44).

Known for comprehensive museum moves, Bovis recently showcased their expertise in transferring and installing the prestigious Musée Dobrée’s collections in Nantes (44).

A decade-long project

Since 2011, Bovis’s highly skilled teams have spearheaded the Musée Dobrée relocation project, starting with delicately moving the museum’s artworks to external reserves. This initial step marked the beginning of a robust and enduring collaboration between Bovis Fine Art and Musée Dobrée.

The Art returns: Transfer and installation in 2024

Thirteen years later, with Musée Dobrée’s renovations complete, Bovis Fine Art returns to conclude this captivating saga. In 2024, as the renovated museum prepares to reopen its doors, Bovis’s teams are mobilized to repatriate, carefully unpack, and install the artworks in their new spaces.

Our teams were on-site for eight weeks, from January 22 to March 15, 2024.

A large-scale move

This complex and extensive move involved transferring nearly 2,455 diverse artworks, including paintings, sculptures, lapidaries, woodwork, weapons, furniture, and tapestries. Bovis Fine Art also meticulously unpacked and installed about 170 pieces, including large-format paintings, sculptures, furniture, and items showcased in vitrines.

Among the exceptional challenges faced was the private escorting of the renowned “heart of Anne of Brittany,” stolen in 2018 and now reunited with this iconic Breton landmark.

The key to success: Planning

Each stage of this complex endeavor was meticulously planned and executed with precision. A detailed operational plan, crafted by Bovis’s Project Manager, orchestrated every aspect of the operation, from artwork transportation to delicate crane operations.

The operational plan and detailed intervention schedule were crucial elements in winning this tender.

Successful collaboration across Bovis teams

This museum move witnessed seamless collaboration among various Bovis teams: our Bovis Fine Art agencies in Nantes and Paris, our coordination unit, our Bovis Atlantique agency in Nantes for mechanical and material resources, and our specialized OPC study office for organizing large-scale moves.

The project also required the deployment of significant material resources, including handling equipment for heavy and bulky artworks and vehicles adapted for artwork transport and crane operations for the heaviest pieces.

May 18, 2024: Inauguration of the new Musée Dobrée

May 18, 2024, marks not only the inauguration of the renovated Musée Dobrée but also the success of an exceptional collaboration between Bovis Fine Art and this magnificent museum dedicated to preserving and showcasing Nantes’s artistic heritage. A resounding success that once again demonstrates Bovis Fine Art’s unparalleled expertise in museum relocation.

Discover Musée Dobrée of Nantes

Nestled in the heart of historic Nantes, Musée Dobrée is a cultural gem, offering visitors a journey through the region’s rich and captivating history. Founded in the 19th century by Thomas Dobrée, an art and history enthusiast, this iconic museum houses an eclectic collection of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to archaeological objects and antique furniture. More than just an institution, Musée Dobrée is a meeting place of past and present, where visitors can immerse themselves in the artistic and architectural treasures that reflect the region’s fascinating evolution over the centuries.

Photo Credits: © L. Preud’homme / ©  H. Neveu-Dérotrie / © L. Bouquet / Musée Dobrée – Grand Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique